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BÁNH MÌ DELI is an Asian baguette shop in Amsterdam at Prinsengracht 172 near the Anne Frank museum and the iconic church: De westerkerk.  

We produce handmade artisanal Asian baguettes at our bakery and top them with Asian herbs such as coriander, Thai basil, mint and pickled carrot/daikon. We put our focus on the Healthy Food trend,  taking into account a range of choices for vegans & vegetarians. We keep our offer up to date with all the classics such as Bánh mì Đặc biệt and trends that are offered alternately.

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Our philosophy

     ~ We love France ~

Our deli is a family business working alongside a passionate Asian team. Having operated 2 Vietnamese restaurants for many years in the past, we have had a great deal of experience in the hospitality industry.

Why we love France? 

Baguettes were introduced by the French during the colonial period in Vietnam.

We take the French influence very seriously by going extra miles to keep the French traditional cooking technique along with its flavor, which is combined gracefully with the Asian taste of baguette. Some of the techniques we use are sous-vide, saupoudrer and brassiere, resulting in our fine sliced meat, which is then glazed with a special Asian sauce made from homemade broth. The French also influences our choice to include butter, (chili) mayonnaise and unique pâté chaud in the baguette. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver you the authentic and balanced flavor of the Asian-French baguette through our use of high quality techniques and fresh ingredients.

Come by and experience all the variations of BÁNH MÌ DELI'S baguettes! 

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~ Our food is to go - U van also order at Thuisbezorgd and Ubereats now.

Unfortunately no tables, but cute benches next to the Amsterdam canals including great view of the area.

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Soon available at thuisbezorgd and Uber-Eats

                          Our artisinal Bánh mì

BÁNH MÌ DELI has worked for over 2 years on it's secret baguettes recipe. The Vietnamese version is fluffier and has a thinner crust than the original French one. In Europe we don't have the same humidity, temperature and bleached flower as in Vietnam. Our journey consist of tasting lots of French flours and experimenting with different kind of ingredients and ovens. Our bakery makes use of an antique stone-oven for producing our bread (video available soon) and therefor we're ~proud~ to say BÁNH MÌ DELI'S baguettes are the same as in Vietnam!

In order to keep the quality spot on, we also run each roll a second time through a high speed toaster before serving our customers. This ensures you the crisp and texture what's needed for the best Bánh mì experience.


1: We make our bread according to traditional methods, the Dutch temperature outside the proofer and oven can have effect on the outside look of the artisinal Baguette. ~This will never affect our bread in terms of taste and quality~ 

2: Our bakery produces a certain amount of baguettes daily, although we're upscaling and try to fulfill every customers need, we're quite often sold out. Be as early as possible to enjoy this real master piece-


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All our Bánh Mì's are topped with base ingredients: 

Spread of butter and Páté chaud, pickled carrot & daikon, coriander, chili-mayonaisse, red chili peppers and a splash of Maggi (soy-sauce)

Then choose your main topping!

(unfortunately we have to change our prices soon)

pork wix_edited_edited.jpg

Bánh Mì



Our warm grilled pork is sous vide marinated in a 5 spice marinade. Then grilled. After cutting each piece gets torched and then a honey glaze will kick the flavor.

Bánh Mì

~ Lemongrass chicken ~


Our warm chicken is braised in savory caramel and lemongrass. A traditional South-Vietnamese dish what's normally eaten with rice and fits perfectly on a Bánh Mì.

chicken wix_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
classic wix 2_edited.jpg

Bành Mì


The classic Bánh mì, worldwide known as the famous "Dac Biet". 

A mix of two cold cuts pork. 1: sous vide marinated and roasted pork with a char-siu honey glaze. 2: A traditional Vietnamese sliced sausage "Cha Lua"

Bánh Mì
~ Veggie~


This baguette comes with extra mint & Thai-basel as base-ingredients. It's filled with 2 toppings. 1: Fried tofu marinated in a sweet soy-sauce. 2: A stir-fry of red cabbage, beansprouts, spring unions and garlic.

This Bánh Mì can be ordered as vegetarian or vegan. The vegetarian kind includes butter and regular mayo where as the vegan comes with Sriracha's vegan Chili-mayonnaise.

vegan wix_edited.jpg
seafood wix_edited.jpg

Bánh Mì
~ Seafood ~


Our Seafood Bánh Mì is a marinated shrimp in an original Vietnamese sweet fish-sauce and is inspired by a chimi-churri. The extra herbs on top of this delicious Bánh Mì is mint and Thai-basel.

Bánh Mì

~ Beef~


Our sous vide & roasted beef is thinly sliced like carpaccio and has a teriyaki glaze. It's also one of our most popular sold Bánh mì's.

beef wix 2_edited.jpg
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~ Become a Bánh Mì master ~ 

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